Køpi-Wagenplatz Demonstration 15./16.05.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late- International Call For Decentralized Actions.

Köpi Wagenplatz, Rigaer 94 & Potse. 15.5 &16.5

An attack on our structures and ideas

As global capitalism experiences a crisis in function and legitimacy, revanchist and reactionary states attempt to bolster their threatened positions of power by seeking to eliminate areas of resistance to their agenda. From anti protest and pro police laws and proposals in Greece, the UK and France to the demonization of the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in the United States, governments worldwide scrabble to limit the damage done to their projected moral legitimacy and eliminate any threat to their omnipotence. As autonomous spaces are one of the most obvious physical manifestations of our politics, where emancipatory ideas are realized, put into practice and propagated to wider society, these spaces have become obvious targets. Bolstered by the corona pandemic, which both distracts from and justifies increasing authoritarianism, the last year has seen waves of evictions globally as governments attempt to deprive us of spaces from which the movement grows and is able to better organize itself from.
In a short space of time many projects have been lost, from Koukaki in Athens, to Liebig34 in Berlin, while in other countries people are forced to do politics with no spaces, or to continually search for new spaces, unable to establish any roots. While situations and strategies vary, the problems we face in keeping our spaces, developing our movement and fighting for our political ideas are shared; the state’s political motivations for evicting them or trying  to abolish our structures and therefore our ideas are still the same. We therefore see the importance of connecting these struggles in order to share experiences, learn and support each other through an international solidarity based network in the face of such an attack which although varied in characteristics has at its core the same purpose and goals.

International Solidarity

We see no borders in our political activities and motivations, especially in the context of mutual-aid and solidarity. We therefore seek a network of globally connected practice, which will empower us and our struggles in keeping our autonomous and self-organised structures alive and present in the public sphere, where we can learn from each other and develop common strategies and tactics in the fight for our ideas and spaces.
We are aware that this resistance cannot happen individually, or come from a few select places while the state attempts to create a broader division of the antagonistic movement on a global level. This is why we see the importance in mobilizing worldwide and finding common ground in our fights. We stand against any form of oppression or threat of destruction to our struggles and structures, which were created from zero from our political procedures and ideas.
International solidarity is an important tool in the struggle, which can strategically contribute to the resistance of our collective rebellious ideas in society, against these authoritarian regimes. This is why socially and politically it is important to continue connecting internationally and fighting by all means against that which seeks to oppress us and our ideas.

International days of  action 15.05/16.05.21

We call for 2 days of decentralized actions, to share a collective moment accross borders in an empowering fight in the streets, taking back the public sphere for our politics from below and forms of self-organisation.

As Köpi Wagenplatz faces imminent eviction, we choose their international call for the 15th and 16th of May, to counter-attack and intervene in the state’s political agenda. For us there is never a legitimate time to evict a space.  An eviction is a tactical tool of an attack which is used against marginalized groups and communities, the broader antagonistic movement and our rebellious ideas.

These days are not just for reacting, but for attacking the foundations of the political and justice* system, collectively creating more space and bringing our struggles and ideas to the streets, getting creative with any means.

Let’s get together in this struggle and abolish any form of oppresion and repression which we face in our daily life, in this suffocated metropolis and outside of it!

demonstration – 15.05.2021 – 8:30 pm – Gendarmenmarkt

manifestation – 16.05.2021 – from 1 pm – in front of Køpi

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