Manifestation against the eviction process of Køpi Wagenplatz

A home doesn’t always need four brick walls, and freiräume sometimes come on wheels.

Køpi wagenplatz is synonymous with a way of life that attempts to exist autonomously and self determinedly, offering a clear and visible answer to a dominant culture of property as status that shuts its front door on community, neighbourhood and solidarity.

On the 10th of June the trial against this structure will take place.  The “legal” existence of this self-organized project, as various other houses in Berlin, is being decided from people who have only one priority: to serve the interest of the capital, the landlords, the real estate companies. Our position is to make clear that not only we’ll defend every threathened project but we stand for the self determination of our existence and our life. We do not recognize their institutions but we want to be present to every decision that is taken for us, without us.

Thats why we call for a manifestation in front of the court on the 10.6 at 11.00 at Turmstrasse 91.

In order to show to state and capital that we stand together in every threat and against their institutions.

Let’s block the street and be loud! Together we build collective moments against the reality they impose on us!

Solidarity is our weapon!

For a self-organised way of living, for a city from below!

Solidarity with Køpi Wagenplatz


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