Day X

We will stick to the concept of spontaneous Day X demonstrations on day X (if necessary x+1) at 9pm. We will keep advertising the Sponti publicly and publish the starting point. We do want stay open to the possibility of registering the spontaneous demonstration in situ though.

We call for decentral actions and a powerful and angry Sponti at 9pm at the day of eviction (day X). That means that if:

  • Potse
  • Meuterei
  • Køpiplatz

are evicted, there will be decentral actions during the day and a Sponti at 9pm. The location will be announced here during the day. It is unclear if the day X will be publicly announced by the cops beforheand. That is why we also call for decentral actions all day in Berlin and everywhere. Prepare yourself and act self-organized!
But we don’t want to wait for day X. Invite us for info events, come by or do actions in your own city. Let us be creative, solidary, resistant and militant, against the city of the rich – defend the projects!