Andreas Geisel – Manifestation on 12.05. 15:00 Willy-Brandt-Haus

Andreas Geisel-Interior Senator of the Displacement Policy!

Kundgebung 12.05 15:00 Willy-Brandt-Haus

Andreas Geisel: A man who boasts of creating positions for 2,260 new cops in the city, brags of arming said police force with 12,000 new pistols yet maintains he stands for “as much freedom as possible, as much security as necessary.” A man who oversees the evictions of Liebig 34, Syndikat, Meuterei, Habersaathstr., Dragoner and Rummelsburger Bucht, on May the 19th Potse, and the increased threat to Rigaer 94, Koepi Wagenplatz and numerous other projects, yet maintains the importance of freiraume. Who criticizes fascism in the police force using the tired liberal ‘rogue’ narrative, encourages perceived minorities to become cops and refers to a potential immigrant workforce as an untapped “treasure trove”. A man who looks away while the far right’s corona conspiracy theorists and neo-nazis gain momentum, while at the same time taking a seemingly personal interest in the demonization of the communities around Goerlitzer Park and the attempted elimination of the city’s radical counterculture.

This is the insidious hypocrisy of social democracy, of the Red Red Green Senate, and of neoliberal capitalism on the whole- embodied in one man. Where liberal quotas and diversity are weaponized, used as tools to further capital or to disguise its racist agenda, or where limited individual freedoms are used to disguise our collective oppression. Where structural exploitation and bigotry can be whitewashed, pinkwashed or brushed under the carpet while appropriating the aesthetics and language of those it oppresses.

What is really meant by security when it involves evicting people from their homes in the middle of a pandemic or threatening them with deportation? Whether he deems one cop or a city full of them to be necessary, one cop is one too many; one racist arrest one too many; one eviction one too many. Attempting to gain more rightwing votes for the SPD in the upcoming elections, as he prepares to finish his term as Innensenator lets ensure Andreas Geisel’s political legacy is of a city that despises him and the politics he represents and where solidarity and mutual-aid are ideas not destroyed so easily. Against the city of the rich, against the SPD, the Senate, the state and the capitalist system.

Self-organization over every authority.

Freiraume not yuppie flats.

Solidarity and mutual-aid for a city from below.

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